About Us: Meet Our Leaders

David Hibbert

Minister Of Apostolic Oversight
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David_Hibbert_180X180David Hibbert and his wife Kathy are the founding and Lead Ministers at Destiny Christian Church.

David trained and worked as an Electrical Engineer before responding to the call to full-time Christian ministry. In April of 1990 he moved with his family to Brossard, Quebec to start a multi-cultural English-speaking church for the South Shore region of Montreal. His vision is to develop an Apostolic Centre that will raise up leaders and churches who will demonstrate and bring the Kingdom of God to the Montreal region and beyond. David and his wife Kathy have 4 children. David’s mission statement is “to build, equip and release purpose in people’s lives.”

Kathy Hibbert

Minister Of Pastoral Care And Women
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Kathy_Hibbert_180X180Kathy Hibbert and her husband David are the founding and Senior Ministers at Destiny Christian Church.

Kathy grew up in London Ontario, and is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario. The one place she never expected to live was in Quebec, and as a Pastor too!

After graduation she moved to Chatham Ontario and worked for Union Gas Company before marrying David and moving to Hamilton Ontario where David was employed as an Engineer by Stelco. A move to Peterborough for training in Bible School was followed by a move to Brossard where they have resided since 1990. With a desire to see the body of Christ walk in wholeness and maturity she has supported David in his call to ministry, while developing her own teaching and encouraging ministry.


Sandy Hartigan

Minister Of Pastoral Care And Church Management
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Sandy_Hartigan_180X180Sandy Hartigan and her husband Mike are the Ministers Of Pastoral Care And Church Administration.

Sandy aspires to enable people of all ages to perceive God as One who is not dormant within the pages of the Bible but One who is the Living, active powerful Creator Who longs to express His love within each individual. In 1989 as she saw the need for a more energetic hands-on educational program for children she embarked on a personal journey to be actively involved in and create curriculum for Children Ministries and Youth Ministries. (more…)

Mike Hartigan

Minister Of Pastoral Care And Men
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Mike_Hartigan_180X180Mike Hartigan and his wife Sandy are the Ministers Of Pastoral Care And Church Administration.

For many years Mike and his wife Sandy have been Administrators of a Children’s Residential Christian Camp and also were Directors of a Montreal Regional gathering for youth and young adults. They have also been key speakers for both of these ministries and have also spoken at a Pastors’ convention in the Philippians. (more…)

David McCann

Associate Minister
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David_McCann_180X180David McCann is an Associate Minister with Destiny Christian Church.

David has been working with people to help them bring out their best for most all of his adult life. Following 10 years of teaching in the Public School system in Quebec, David was trained and became a Salvation Army Officer where he served in a varied assortment of roles for 28 years before taking an early retirement. During his years of service David has been a pastor, church planter, denomination executive, editor, director of Pastoral training, and Regional Director of Church programs for the Salvation Army. (more…)