About Us – Our Strategy

About Us – Our Strategy

We call our simple and proven strategy the “S.H.E.A.R.” strategy.
Our Strategy Is To Make DISCIPLES Through:
Salvation – To Know Christ.

The first step of our strategy is to present Christ as He truly is, in all of His glory, and invite people to follow Him as Saviour, and Lord.

Healing – To Find Freedom In Christ.

The second step of our strategy is to lovingly help people to find freedom from the things that would limit them in life – offenses, rejections, emotional and physical abuse, and more, until each person is free to live and love as their creator planned.

Equipping – To Discover Purpose From Christ.

The third step of our strategy is to help each person to discover their personal mission that they were created for, and then train them so that they can be effective in fulfilling that mission.

Activation – To Be Empowered By Christ.

The fourth step of our strategy is to give people opportunities in a safe environment to practice and refine their learned skilled, while giving positive and encouraging feedback for greater effectiveness.

Release – To Make A Difference For Christ.

The fifth step of our strategy is to then release people into the marketplace, ready to make a difference with their lives, while continuing to provide ongoing support and training as needed.