Course – Discipleship Evangelism

Course – Discipleship Evangelism

Course – Discipleship Evangelism – Andrew Wommack / Don Krow.

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Discipleship Evangelism – Andrew Wommack / Don Krow
SessionTopicTime Video AudioNotes
Level I
01Eternal Life10:11Video 1Audio 1Notes 1
02Salvation by Grace8:24Video 2Audio 2Notes 2
03Righteousness by Grace8:05Video 3Audio 3Notes 3
04Relationship With God10:23Video 4Audio 4Notes 4
05The Nature of God12:19Video 5Audio 5Notes 5
06Repentance7:22Video 6Audio 6Notes 6
07Commitment6:46Video 7
08Water Baptism10:08Video 8
09Identity In Christ – Part 110:09Video 9
10Identity In Christ – Part 210:08Video 10
11What Happens When A Christian Sins8:36Video 11
12Integrity of God’s Word10:09Video 12
13God’s Not Guilty10:02Video 13
14The Power of a Spirit-Filled Life9:19Video 14
15How to Receive the Holy Spirit9:41Video 15
16The Benefits of Speaking in Tongues10:14Video 16
Level II
01Self-Centeredness: The Source of all Grief10:01Video 01
02How to Meditate on God’s Word15:47Video 02
03Renewing the Mind8:45Video 03
04The Importance of Christ’s Church10:15Video 04
05Deliverance10:01Video 05
06Authority of the Believer10:01Video 06
07Healing is in the Atonement10:05Video 07
08Hindrances to Healing10:08Video 08
09Forgiveness, Forgiving Others10:04Video 09
10Marriage – Part 111:26Video 10
11Marriage – Part 29:31Video 11
12God’s Kind of Love – Part 19:52Video 12
13God’s Kind of Love – Part 211:01Video 13
14Finances – Part 110:02Video 14
15Finances – Part 210:03Video 15
16What to do When Your Prayers Seem Unanswered10:08Video 16
Level III
01The Divine Flow10:44Video 01
02Using the Gifts to Minister10:15Video 02
03Miracles Glorify God11:06Video 03
04The Power of Godly Relationships5:56Video 04
05Persecution8:38Video 05
06Discipleship10:49Video 06
07Discipleship Evangelism11:03Video 07
08How to Use Your Testimony9:52Video 08
09Preparing to Teach Discipleship Lessons9:23Video 09
10General Overview: Salvation by Grace8:42Video 10
11Teaching the Lesson – Part 14:27Video 11
12Teaching the Lesson – Part 26:16Video 12
13Teaching the Lesson – Part 35:41Video 13
14Teaching the Lesson – Part 49:48Video 14
15Using the Detailed Teacher’s Guide5:48Video 15
16Using Everyone’s Gifts to Disciple5:52Video 16