Course – Forty-Nine Religious Lies Jesus Told Me to Stop Believing

Course – Forty-Nine Religious Lies Jesus Told Me to Stop Believing

Course – Forty-Nine Religious Lies Jesus Told Me to Stop Believing – Mark Virkler.

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Forty-Nine Religious Lies Jesus Told Me to Stop Believing – Mark Virkler.
SessionTopicTimeVideo AudioNotes
0101 Trust My Mind9:08VideoAudioNotes
0202 Distrust My Heart6:43VideoAudioNotes
0303 Eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil8:10VideoAudioNotes
0404 Build Truth with My Mind and the Bible9:54VideoAudioNotes
0505 Live Out of the Bible7:59VideoAudioNotes
0606 The Anti Christ Is the Powerful One12:18VideoAudioNotes
0707 The Risen Christ Is the Weak One8:01VideoAudioNotes
0808 Emotions Are Not of the Spirit8:52VideoAudioNotes
0909 Do Not Trust Emotions10:07VideoAudioNotes
1010 Do Not Trust Experiences9:06VideoAudioNotes
1111 Do Not Trust the Counsel of Others13:40VideoAudioNotes
1212 Test Spiritual Experiences Against My Theology8:23VideoAudioNotes
1313 There Is a Sacred Secular Split7:22VideoAudioNotes
1414 Money Is Evil or Secular10:11VideoAudioNotes
1515 Poverty Is Next to Spirituality8:13VideoAudioNotes
1616 Politics Is Evil or Secular10:09VideoAudioNotes
1717 Theatre, Dance & Pageantry Are Evil Secular11:30VideoAudioNotes
1818 The Gifts of the Holy Spirit Aren’t for Today9:57VideoAudioNotes
1919 We Are Not to Seek Spiritual Gifts7:31VideoAudioNotes
2020 Vision Is Not for Today9:43VideoAudioNotes
2121 It Is Wrong to Seek Vision11:35VideoAudioNotes
2222 Godly Dreams Are Not for Today9:02VideoAudioNotes
2323 The Voice of God Is Not for Today8:59VideoAudioNotes
2424 The Bible Is to Be Dispensationalized Away8:02VideoAudioNotes
2525 We Are Not to Have Encounters with Angels10:45VideoAudioNotes
2626 Take the Accuser’s Stance9:13VideoAudioNotes
2727 God Is Always Beating on Me8:10VideoAudioNotes
2828 Man is a Worm12:19VideoAudioNotes
2929 It is Prideful to Reach for Leadership10:06VideoAudioNotes
3030 Love Justice8:34VideoAudioNotes
3131 Preach Biblical Law13:33VideoAudioNotes
3232 Try for God8:42VideoAudioNotes
3333 Set Your Will to Accomplish God’s Tasks7:48VideoAudioNotes
3434 Focus on Dying to Self10:01VideoAudioNotes
3535 Measure Ourselves Amongst Ourselves9 :09VideoAudioNotes
3636 Sacrifice the Greatest Truth for Lesser Truth10:18VideoAudioNotes
3737 Systematic is Superior to Narrative Theology9:55VideoAudioNotes
3838 Test Experiences with God Against My Theology10:01VideoAudioNotes
3939 Accept the Spirit of Control as Biblical12:11VideoAudioNotes
4040 God Helps Those Who Help Themselves24:06VideoAudioNotes
4141 I Should Counsel Out of My Wisdom7:43VideoAudioNotes
4242 Stay Committed to Dead Religious Churches7:49VideoAudioNotes
4343 Church Leadership Revolves Around the Pastor10:43VideoAudioNotes
4444 It Takes a Lot of Effort to Find God6:54VideoAudioNotes
4545 I Have Truth for All Mankind7:29VideoAudioNotes
4646 Separate from Those Who Have Impure Theology9:38VideoAudioNotes
4747 Christians Cannot Have Demons12:59VideoAudioNotes
4848 Repentance Is a Negative Experience8:51VideoAudioNotes
4949 I Am the Final Judge of What I Say11:31VideoAudioNotes