Course – Mentoring Moments (Gilfillan)

Course – Mentoring Moments (Gilfillan)

Course – Mentoring Moments (Gilfillan) – Berin Gilfillan.

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Mentoring Moments (Gilfillan) – Berin Gilfillan.
SessionTopicTime Video AudioNotes
01The Greatest Secret I Ever Learned About Prayer5:27VideoAudioNotes
02Why Reinhard Bonnke Saw Miracle Healings and Billy Graham Did Not5:27VideoAudioNotes
03Hillsong How Should Christians Respond7:16VideoAudioNotes
04Why God Backs Pastor and Parental Rights5:46VideoAudioNotes
05King David’s Musical Genius6:20VideoAudioNotes
06A Closed Door is as GOOD as an OPEN ONE7:04VideoAudioNotes
07Don’t Grasp at Things Even When God Has Promised Them8:45VideoAudioNotes
08The Difference Between a Good Idea and Revelation8:41VideoAudioNotes
09Never Lose the Basics7:56VideoAudioNotes
10The Key to Your Calling8:21VideoAudioNotes
11Following God’s Breadcrumbs9:36VideoAudioNotes
12Asking God According To His Greatness6:30VideoAudioNotes
13Putting a Demand on the Anointing7:13VideoAudioNotes
14The Power of Setting a Date6:48VideoAudioNotes
15Everything Will Be Tested6:57VideoAudioNotes
16The Miracles are Always on the Water7:30VideoAudoNotes
17Is it Wrong for Christians to Gamble10:05VideoAudioNotes
18What I learned from golf legend Arnold Palmer about faith6:30VideoAudioNotes
19The Benefits I Got from Serving Reinhard Bonnke7:11VideoAudioNotes