Course – Mentoring Moments (Prankard)

Course – Mentoring Moments (Prankard)

Course – Mentoring Moments – Bill Prankard.

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Mentoring Moments – Bill Prankard
SessionTopicTime Video AudioNotes
092023-04-20 – How do you know you are called by God for ministry.3:41VideoAudioNotes
112023-05-18 – Staying Fresh.5:14VideoAudioNotes
122023-06-29 – Word of Knowledge.5:12VideoAudioNotes
132023-07-06 – The Value Of Good Friends5:21VideoAudioNotes
142023-07-13 – Connection to Churches4:33VideoAudioNotes
152023-07-20 – Healthy Habits5:33VideoAudioNotes
162023-08-31 – Is It Gods Will For Healing4:51VideoAudioNotes
172023-09-07 – How Do You Get Faith5:21VideoAudioNotes
182023-09-14 – What Do You Do When You Disagree With A Ministry Leader Of Pastor4:54VideoAudioNotes
192023-10-04 – How to Share the Gospel5:23VideoAudioNotes
202023-10-12 – How to Love People5:39VideoAudioNotes
212023-10-19 – Is Tithing for the New Testament Church5:27VideoAudioNotes
222023-11-02 – How Do You Minister While Tired5:09VideoAudioNotes
232023-11-09 – Praying For The Sick While Being Sick5:09VideoAudioNotes
242023-11-24 – Accountability5:17VideoAudioNotes
252023-12-07 – Someone just betrayed my trust, what do I do?4:49VideoAudioNotes
262023-12-14 – Controversy and Unity in the Church4:45VideoAudioNotes
272023-12-21 – Is there any value in family devotions or should I pray alone!4:48VideoAudioNotes
282023-12-28 – What do you do when people lie about you?4:46VideoAudioNotes
292024-01-24 – How Do I Trust God Through Trials4:48VideoAudioNotes