Course – The Believer’s Authority (2023)

Course – The Believer’s Authority (2023)

The Believer’s Authority (2023) – Andrew Wommack.

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The Believer’s Authority (2023) – Andrew Wommack
SessionTopicTime Video AudioNotes
01Week 01 Day 0128:43VideoAudioNotes
02Week 01 Day 0227:21VideoAudioNotes
03Week 01 Day 0328:51VideoAudioNotes
04Week 01 Day 0428:21VideoAudioNotes
05Week 01 Day 0528:51VideoAudioNotes
06Week 02 Day 0128:21VideoAudioNotes
07Week 02 Day 0228:51VideoAudioNotes
08Week 02 Day 0328:51VideoAudioNotes
09Week 02 Day 0428:51VideoAudioNotes
10Week 02 Day 0528:47VideoAudioNotes
11Week 03 Day 0128:51VideoAudioNotes
12Week 03 Day 0228:51VideoAudioNotes
13Week 03 Day 0328:51VideoAudioNotes
14Week 03 Day 0428:51VideoAudioNotes
15Week 03 Day 0528:51VideoAudioNotes
16Week 04 Day 0128:51VideoAudioNotes
17Week 04 Day 0228:51VideoAudioNotes
18Week 04 Day 0328:51VideoAudioNotes
19Week 04 Day 0428:51VideoAudioNotes
20Week 04 Day 0528:51VideoAudioNotes