COVID Safety Protocols

COVID Safety Protocols

Destiny Church COVID Safety Protocols

Your safety is our first concern. Therefore Destiny Church complies with the latest Government of Quebec COVID safety protocols. For specific situations, please note the following items:


If you are exhibiting any “COVID-like” symptoms, please do not enter the building.

Masks must be worn to enter the building, and are available in the foyer if you did not bring one.

Please proceed directly to welcome station upon entry.

Hand sanitizing stations are easily accessible throughout the building.

Church Service.

Masks must be worn while standing or moving about, or when at the altar. Masks may be removed while seated.

Please leave one empty seat between family units.

Post Service.

Please practice physical distancing while fellowshipping after the service.

Please do not congregate in the kitchen.

At all times, please respect the personal space, safety, and personal preferences of other people. Thank you so much for your cooperation!