EntreNet – Quick Links

EntreNet – Quick Links

Quick Links

Services Canada – Link for a Liasion Officer Service Request Form. This is the free service at Revenue Canada to request a liaison officer to give you a meeting on how to best plan your bookkeeping for tax filing as an entrepreneur.

YES Montreal (Mentors) – Link to request for a personal business mentor.

YES Montreal (Training) – Link for courses related to starting and running a business. Many great and inexpensive courses.

Wave – Wave is a free, online money management for small business owners in Canada, It looks after invoicing, payments and accounting, and for a fee, banking an payroll also.

Fongo – Fongo provides Canadians with low-cost, personal and small business communication solutions. Free calling and texting app. Fongo Works is the free, basic business phone system to get you started (no time limit).

Frank Kern – 4 Marketing Courses For $ 4.00.

1. Solve a big problem or fulfill a big desire. 2. Focus on the benefits and not the features. 3. Make it really hard to say “no”.

Udemy – The Complete Digital Marketing Guide.

The Complete Digital Marketing Guide – 22 Courses in 1. Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing Mastery, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO, WordPress, Instagram, YouTube & More.