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EntreNet – Resources

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Faith Driven Entrepreneur.

Helping Christ-following entrepreneurs find their community and fulfill their God-given call to create.

Yes Montreal.

We have been providing English-language support to help Quebecers find employment and start and grow businesses since 1995. We guide our clients in developing personalized career or business strategies, equipping them with the skills and confidence they need to achieve their career and business objectives.

Michael Pink.

Since 1988, Michael has pioneered the application of Biblical Strategy and Natural Law to sales and business.

Daily Godpreneur: Business Growth, God’s Way.

We’re a platform that explores new perspectives on what the Bible says about business. Read and share ideas from independent voices of Christian entrepreneurs from around the globe. Everyone’s welcome.

A Better Way.

This is a FREE follow-up series and community to help you take your supernatural business life to the next level. And to help you connect with others who are on the same quest.

The Seven Mountain Mandate.

The seven mountain (7-M) mandate is a strategy for evangelizing the modern world and enlarging Christ’s kingdom. Proponents believe that the best way for the church to be effective is to bring change in the seven major spheres of influence in society. The seven “mountains” to be transformed are: (1) Education, (2) Religion, (3) Family, (4) Business, (5) Government/Military, (6) Arts/Entertainment and (7) Media.


Udemy is an online learning and teaching marketplace with over 204,000 courses and 54 million students. Learn programming, marketing, data science and more, for as low as $ 16.99 CAD per course.

LeRed Foundation.

The La Red Foundation is a faith-based, non-profit organization that brings transformation to the minds and hearts of people through the study of Kingdom values and principles. We believe God has called people to have influence in all spheres of society and wants each person to function effectively and with integrity and character wherever they may be.


We provide financial education, consulting, and conferences that equip you to build and steward your wealth for the Kingdom of God.

Full Focus.

Join Michael Hyatt as he reveals how to focus on what matters, eliminate busyness, and create the life you want.

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