Course: Unlocking Destinies From The Courts Of Heaven

This course is designed to help you identify and dissolve the delaying forces that prevent you from discovering and walking in the fullness of your destiny. The most common delaying, hindering force aimed at your destiny is a curse.

The desire to see your destiny fulfilled is not a selfish ambition. When the body of Christ starts to see personal destinies fulfilled, by default, the powers of darkness will be pushed back and restrained in the earth. The devil’s agenda for individuals, families, regions, and nations will be broken as you step into the assignments God has marked for your life — even before the foundation of the earth.

Throughout this course, you will recognize and confront different hindrances to you walking in the fullness of your destiny. It all begins with approaching God the Judge in the courts of Heaven.

Remember, He wants to render judgments on your behalf. The key is coming with humility into the courts of Heaven and learning how to navigate this supernatural dimension of prayer.

Cost is $ 5.00 per session.

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