As an Easter project, we are partnering with “Gospel For Asia”, a very highly respected ministry in Asia that is training workers and helping indigenous people in very practical and fruitful ways.

The way we have chosen to partner with them, is to provide finances for farm implements and training, so that third world people can start micro-businesses, and not only provide for their own families, but also contribute to the economy of their villages and cities.

Below are some of the different options for sponsorship. Please call us if you would like to give a donation, or go to our donation page and give online. Please specify “Easter Critters” and the item you are sponsoring, on the sign-up page. Thank you for your generosity!

If you would like to donate any amount to this very worthy cause,
please click on the donate button below:

Donate_Button300_Christmas_Critter_Campaign_Card_BioSand_Water_Filter 300_Christmas_Critter_Campaign_Card_Chickens 300_Christmas_Critter_Campaign_Card_Farm_Tool_Kit 300_Christmas_Critter_Campaign_Card_Fishing_Net 300_Christmas_Critter_Campaign_Card_Lambs 300_Christmas_Critter_Campaign_Card_Literacy 300_Christmas_Critter_Campaign_Card_Mosquito_Net 300_Christmas_Critter_Campaign_Card_Pigs 300_Christmas_Critter_Campaign_Card_Vocational_Training 300_Christmas_Critter_Campaign_Card_Rabbits 300_Christmas_Critter_Campaign_Card_Sewing_Machine300_Christmas_Critter_Campaign_Card_Farm_Tool_Kit