Hearing God Through Your Dreams – Understanding the Language God Speaks at Night

In this 8 session course, you will be equipped in how to remember your dreams, understand your dreams, interpret your dreams, and use your dreams to better serve God’s purpose for your life.

Facilitator: Sandy Hartigan


Topics include:

  • Bridges to the Supernatural: How Dreams Connect Us to God.
  • The ABCs of Dream Work: How to Translate the Language God Speaks at Night
  • Scriptural Precedents: Exploring Dreams and Visions in the Bible.
  • Snapshots of the Spirit: Gaining Heaven’s Perspective Through Dreams.
  • Pictures and Parables: The Language Jesus Spoke.
  • The Fun Form of Dreams: Puns, Parodies, and Plays on Words.
  • Out of Our Minds: How Dreams Get Us out of Our Heads and into Our Hearts.
  • Inspiration, Innovation, and Invention: Receiving God’s Creativity Through Dreams.
  • Dream Symbols: Personalized, Unique, and All Your Own.
  • Why All Bad Dreams Aren’t: The Blessing of Nightmares and Other Surprising Revelations.
  • Scary Sleep: Darth Vader, Dragons, and the Dreams Children Dream.
  • Putting It All Together: Practical Tips for Dream Work

Cost is $ 5.00 per session.

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