What About The Dinosaurs? – With Gus Olsthoorn.

• Was there an ‘age of dinosaurs’ long before people came on the scene?
• What does the Bible say about dinosaurs?
• What were the dragons of history?
• What do dinosaur fossils tell us?
• What happened to the dinosaurs?

Come and discover answers to all of these questions and more, with our special guest Gus Olsthoorn.

Gus Olsthoorn, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and Training Professional

Gus Olsthoorn is a licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, and a training professional, with 40 years of experience in the aviation industry. Employed by Bombardier Aerospace he was a technical instructor for over 25 years and is currently developing pilot training programs on commercial and business aircraft. His specialty is in simplifying complex technical information into layman’s terms.

By the age of 19 Gus had obtained a private pilot’s license and was a commissioned officer in the Canadian Armed Forces. In 1976 he graduated from Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology.

As a young man Gus had no problem with evolutionary theory until he was challenged with the claims of the Bible. “My brain began to hurt trying to make the Bible and evolution work together” he remembers. He turned a corner in his life when he made a commitment to Christ in his early 20’s. As a new believer he diligently studied the Bible. Reading the ground-breaking book “The Genesis Flood” by Morris and Whitcomb spurred his interest in Creation Science.

He was a founding member of the Creation Science Association of Quebec and has taught courses on creation and evolution to teens and adults. He passionately believes that the prevalence of evolutionary thinking has become a major obstacle in the acceptance of the Bible as the authoritative Word of God. As a consequence, many Christians find the Bible’s opening chapters, with its six day creation and global flood, embarrassing. Yet, Gus believes, that a careful examination of Scripture and what science can really tell us, reveals a much different story than we are led to believe. Gus has been speaking on behalf of Creation Ministries International since 2013.

Gus has been married to his wife Debi for over 36 years. They have 4 grown sons and 3 grandchildren. They live in Pierrefonds (Montreal), Quebec.