Special Response Love Offering For Eugene & Sherry May

Dear Friends

For all of you who relate to Destiny Church, you know that Eugene May is one of our favourite speakers, as well as being on our Apostolic Council.

In the middle of December, 2017, Eugene went in to the hospital for a routine elective surgery for hernias. While on the operating table, something went very wrong, and Eugene had to be intubated and forced into a medically-induced coma to save his life. When he came out of the coma two weeks later, he awoke in shock to discover that there was a tube in his throat, he had been unconscious for 2 weeks (not 2 hours), and he now needed at least 2 months to recover and get his strength and voice back.

As you can imagine, that leaves him without any ministry income for at least 3 months, and well as American-sized hospital bills.

Would you consider giving a one-time emergency response love offering for Eugene & Sherry May? You are more than welcome to give straight to their ministry, but together I am believing that we can provide for at least one month of income to replace their ministry income losses. ALL donations will go right to Eugene & Sherry May.

We are providing you three ways to give:

A. Cheque or Cash

You can give cash or give or send a cheque made out to Destiny Church for Eugene & Sherry May. Just put their name on the comment line.

B. Credit or Debit Card

You can give by Credit Card or Debit Card. Simply click on the link below:






C. Paypal

You can give through Paypal. Simply click on the link below, and then type “Eugene May” in the comment box: