Events Calendar

Events Calendar


Worship & Teaching – Weekly – In-Person And Online

Join us every Sunday for our Worship Service and Teaching time. Join us for our latest teaching, and an inspirational time of worship with contemporary music. Click HERE or on the Video Camera logo to watch us Sundays at 1:31 pm on LiveStream.

Men’s Breakfast – Monthly – In-Person

Join us for our next Men’s Breakfast, on Saturday, from 9:00 am to 10:30 am. We will be serving 2 egg sandwiches for each man, and hot coffee. We will also be having a time of fellowship and discussion. Register using the form below:

The Red Sea Crossing – Online

The Red Sea Crossing – Online Course. For centuries there has been mystery and debate surrounding the sea miraculously crossed by the Israelites on their Exodus journey to Mt. Sinai. This sea, called Yam Suph by Moses, appears many times in the Bible, but its location has never been clearly identified. Was the crossing site really a shallow “Reed Sea” on the border of Egypt or perhaps at the traditional location on the Red Sea’s Gulf of Suez? Environmental Geographer…