Free Stuff

Free Stuff

Below you will find free resources developed by Destiny Christian Church, that have been a great blessing to many. Simply click on the highlighted title to read or download the free resources. Enjoy!


When Christians Face Crisis (eBook)

This free eBook has been a great help to people who have suffered the loss of a loved one, or other such tragedy.


Protocols For Prophetic Ministry (Flyer) English Version

This free flyer describes the protocols that we have developed to maximize the blessing of prophetic ministry, yet also honour the receiver.

Protocols For Prophetic Ministry (Document) French Version

Ce document gratuit décrit les protocoles que nous avons développés pour maximiser la bénédiction du ministère prophétique, mais aussi honorer le récepteur.

What To Do When You Receive A Personal Prophecy (Flyer) English Version

This free flyer describes the steps you need to take to maximize the benefits of a personal prophetic word.

What To Do When You Receive A Personal Prophecy (Flyer) French Version

Ce dépliant gratuit décrit les étapes que vous devez prendre pour maximiser les avantages d’un mot prophétique personnel.

What Is A Prophetic Word / What Is A Personal Prophecy (Document)

This free document defines prophetic terminology, and answers specific questions related to prophetic ministry.



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