Course – True Freedom

Course – True Freedom


Everyone needs freedom! True Freedom is designed to help all believers live in the freedom Jesus gives. During this four session series, we address inner healing, how we unknowingly open doors to the influence of the enemy in our lives, how to take our authority back, dealing with unforgiveness, and tearing down strongholds in our lives.

True Freedom – Module 1 – Everyone Needs Freedom.

Everyone needs freedom, including believers, Jesus came to heal our broken hearts and bruises by setting us free from the bondage caused by unforgiveness. He paid the price so that we can experience the freedom for which He conquered the grave.

Session 1Believers Need Freedom25:21 minVideoAudioNotes
Session 2Inner Healing14:51 minVideoAudioNotes
Session 3Healing Wounds08:54 minVideoAudioNotes
Session 4A Mind Set Free (Optional)30:06 minVideoAudioNotes
True Freedom – Module 2 – Open Doors.

The enemy gains entrance to our lives through open doors, or areas we are unwilling to submit to Jesus. If we acknowledge we are held in bondage and submit to the authority of Jesus, we can remove the influence of the enemy in our lives!

Session 1Under The Influence16:24 minVideoAudioNotes
Session 2Open Doors To Address13:42 minVideoAudioNotes
Session 3Taking Back Authority06:53 minVideoAudioNotes
Session 4Beware of the Chaldeans (Optional)23:59 minVideoAudioNotes
True Freedom – Module 3 – Cleaning House.

Believing lies from the enemy and living in unforgiveness opens doors the enemy uses to keep us bound by sin. Repenting of our sins, choosing to forgive, and casting out the enemy helps remove the stumbling stones Satan places in our paths and allows Jesus to make us free!

Session 1Continued Iniquity12:20 minVideoAudioNotes
Session 2Unforgiveness12:09 minVideoAudioNotes
Session 3Forgiveness08:48 minVideoAudioNotes
Session 4Believers In Bondage (Optional)23:35 minVideoAudioNotes
True Freedom – Module 4 – Tearing Down Strongholds.

Casting out the tormentors is only part of living in freedom. We continue to walk out this process by taking our thoughts captive and making them obedient to Christ. Understanding the completed work of salvation and choosing to live a Spirt-controlled life gives us the power to tear down strongholds and live in victory!

Session 1Strongholds and Spiritual Warfare15:27 minVideoAudioNotes
Session 2Spirit, Soul, Body I11:21 minVideoAudioNotes
Session 3Spirit, Soul, Body II07:56 minVideoAudioNotes
Session 4Set Free (Optional)25:00 minVideoAudioNotes