Next Steps 1 – Growth Path

Next Steps 1 – Growth Path

Growth Path Overview.

Growth Path is a four-week series of classes designed to help you discover your part in God’s story and fulfill His call on your life. It’s about finding freedom, healing, purpose, and opportunities to grow right here at Gateway.

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Module 1 – Welcome To The Family.

This session is the first step in beginning your journey of growth! In the first of four classes, you will learn more about the church, have opportunities to find community and build relationships, see the importance of believing in Jesus, and have the opportunity to become a member.

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Module 2 – Becoming A Follower Of Jesus.

In this second session, we discuss the importance of hearing, believing, and obeying the voice of God and cover practical ways you can apply these principles to your own life. You will also be given the opportunity to learn more about the Holy Spirit’s role in your life.

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Session 5The Holy Spirit Is Not His NameVideoAudioNotes
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Session 7The Holy Spirit Is Not WeirdVideoAudioNotes

Module 3 – Building God’s Kingdom.

Understanding our roles as believers and sharing the unique gifts and abilities He has given us is essential to building God’s kingdom! During this third session, we will explore the importance of the unique gifts and talents God has entrusted us with and how to begin serving others with our gifts, both inside the church and out in the local community.

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Spiritual Gifts Survey.

“Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I do not want you to be ignorant.” – 1 Corinthians 12:1.

The Bible records three different lists of spiritual gifts but we only survey for one of those three. Find out why here.


This Spiritual Gifts survey has been carefully designed using hundreds of hours of research and tested thoroughly for its biblical consistency and statistical validation. To get the best results from this survey set aside 12 minutes of interruption free time to complete the survey.

This survey is made up of paired statements. Look at the two statements and select which one is truer of you then click continue to view the next pair of statements.

You must choose one of the two statements. There is no wrong or right answer, answer based on what you feel is true of you. Once finished, you will be shown your primary and partner gifts, followed by a sorted list of your remaining spiritual gifts.

Module 4 – It’s All About People.

Because God is all about people, we’re all about people! In this fourth and final session of Growth Path, we will talk about the importance of people in God’s eyes and introduce you to a wide variety of ministry leaders and serving opportunities here at Gateway Church. You will be given time to explore each area and have the opportunity to join a Build Team!

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