Course – Keys To Loving Relationships

Course – Keys To Loving Relationships

Welcome to “Keys To Loving Relationships” by Gary Smalley.

Each session gives practical insights and a greater understanding about the need for close, intimate relationships.

Below are the links to the full 19 sessions. Click on the word “Video” to watch each video on YouTube, or click on the word “Audio” to download and listen to the audio version in MP3 format. Also, click on the word “Notes” to download the Study Notes for each session.

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01Recognize and Value Your Mate’s Differences61:03VideoAudioNotes
02Four Essential Elements Every Relationship Needs to Succeed and Grow59:14VideoAudioNotes
03Overcoming the Major Destroyer of Relationships61:16VideoAudioNotes
04Using Emotional Word Pictures To Increase Intimacy and Understanding73:37VideoAudioNotes
05Becoming Best Friends With Your Family23:53VideoAudioNotes
06Freedom From Negative Emotions37:14VideoAudioNotes
07Discovering the Value of Your Personality57:32VideoAudioNotes
Personality TestNotes
08Recognizing and Transforming Unhealthy Relationships73:13VideoAudioNotes
09Using Communication to Move into the Deepest Levels of Intimacy56:40VideoAudioNotes
10Transforming Trials and Hurts Into Life-Changing Benefits56:50VideoAudioNotes
11Mutually Fulfilling Sexual Intimacy42:24VideoAudioNotes
12Changing Unwanted Behavior and Habits56:40VideoAudioNotes
13Reducing and Overcoming Conflict38:01VideoAudioNotes
14Building Boundaries in Your Relationships47:48VideoAudioNotes
15Discovering the Barrier to Intimacy — Anger46:34VideoAudioNotes
16Destroying the Barrier of Intimacy — Forgiveness60:59VideoAudioNotes
17Divorce-Proofing Your MarriageVideoAudioNotes
18How to Energize Your Mate54:07VideoAudioNotes
19Understanding Stages of Life49:37VideoAudioNotes
01The 20 Question MethodNotes
02Personality TestNotes
03Healthy EvaluationNotes
04Nine Possible Selections To A Relationship MenuNotes
05Keys To Opening The Intimacy DoorNotes
06Anger InventoryNotes