Sermons from March 2012

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Pt 2 – Kaye Beyer Testimony


Grace Manifested Pt 2 – Kaye Beyer Testimony In this video, Kaye Beyer shares her personal testimony of walking with God over a 40 year period, accompanied by signs and wonders. Many good insights on walking with God.

Pt 1 – The Man That Knew God


Grace Manifested Pt 1 – The Man That Knew God In this video we learn about Dr. Harold Beyer – April 2nd 1925 – September 28th 2007 Dr. Harold Beyer was a carrier of the Glory of God when he walked this earth. He was a man of few words, but when he spoke, people listened. […]

Choose Grace


Choose Grace In this inspiring video, Tony Rezendes compares law to grace, and challenges us to choose to live under grace, rather than under the law.