Sermons from June 2012

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Pt 1 – Introduction To Spiritual Gifts

Understanding Spiritual Gifts Pt 1 – Introduction To Spiritual Gifts In Part 1 of this series “Introduction To Spiritual Gifts”, David Hibbert looks at the three main passages in the New Testament that enumerate the Spiritual Gifts, and then he show that each group of gifts is different in source, kind, expression, and purpose. A […]

Discipleship Is A Process

Discipleship Is A Process In this message, David Hibbert shares that discipleship is not something that starts in a church when a person gives their life to Christ, but instead it is something that starts while a person is still far from knowing the Lord. David then shares a Biblical, 25 step to bring a […]

Pt 8 – Revolution To Reformation To Transformation


Creating A Culture Of Honour Pt 8 – Revolution to Reformation To Transformation In part 8 of this series, “Revolution To Reformation To Transformation”, our speaker shares on why creating a culture of honour is so important – because it brings revival into our hearts, a revolution into our lives, a reformation into our churches, […]

Pt 7 – Kingdom Confrontation

Creating A Culture Of Honour Pt 7 – Kingdom Confrontation In Part 7 of this series, Marc Zampino shares that there can be no culture of honour without an active use of effective confrontation. He shares what Kingdom Confrontation is, why it is used, and it’s 4 purposes, along with practical examples of how to […]