Sermons from October 2013

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Thanksgiving Check-Up 2013

Thanksgiving Check-Up 2013 In this very practical and thought-provoking message, Kathy Hibbert challenges us to use the Thanksgiving holiday to do a check-up, and see if we are truly thankful. How can we do that check? What do we, and other people, hear when we speak? She gives us three key things that we must […]

Pt 4 – Pray This Way?


How To Pray Effectively Pray This Way? In part 4 of this series, David Hibbert takes a fresh look at the contents of the “Lord’s Prayer” found in Matthew 6:9-13, and see which parts of it are “Old Covenant” and which parts are “New Covenant”. He then challenges us to develop a new perspective in […]

Releasing The Peace Of God


Releasing The Peace Of God In this teaching, Bob Edwards shares his personal testimony, and uses it to illustrate how the peace of God is released in our lives, and can be released into other people’s lives. As he does so, he released God’s peace and joy into a room filled with hungry listeners, with […]