Sermons from July 2014

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Living By Eternal Life

Kingdom Living – David Hibbert. Part 1 – Living By Eternal Life. In this teaching, David Hibbert talks about embracing the Kingdom of God, and the benefits that come from it. In particular, he talks about the benefit of receiving “Eternal Life”, not an ability to live forever, but “Eternal Life”, the life force that […]

Pt 4 – Refocus Your Priorities

How To Restore Your Passion. Part 4 – Refocus Your Priorities. In this final part of this four part series, David Hibbert shares that in order to restore our passion, we need to refocus our priorities and make the main thing our main thing. This requires a heart change, where we think and act differently, […]

Too Soon To Quit

Too Soon To Quit – Debby Baril. Is it okay to question God? To wrestle with God? One thing is sure, sooner or later we will all travel through a dark tunnel. How do we handle it? Do we give up, or wrestle with God? Using the example of the prophet Habakkuk, we see Habakkuk […]

What’s God’s Will For Me?

What’s God’s Will For Me? – Debby Baril Every Christian wants to know God’s will for their life. Yet there is so much confusion about how to discover God’s will, that most Christians have resigned to God’s sovereignty, and a mentality of “whatever will be, will be”. This teaching gives a very clear and Biblical […]