Sermons from May 2015

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Pt 2 – Our Motive: The Great Commandment

Becoming An Effective Church – Pt 2 – Our Motive: The Great Commandment – David Hibbert. What will cause us to persevere, and finish our race? What will keep us focused on the Great Commission? We need a high and lofty motive, and the only motive that lasts is the Great Commandment … to love […]

A Season Of Transition

A Season Of Transition – Mary Audrey Raycroft. Come away and move on. Reposition. 2014 was the year 5774. It was a year of the open door, and a year of shaking. Revival requires desire and determination. Mark 10:46 – Blind Bartimaeus. Mark 10:50 – He threw away his coat, representing his old identity. Mark […]