How Faith Attracts A Prophetic Word – Samuel Robinson.

Listen intently as Samuel Robinson shares five principles that attracts the voice of God to you, through prophetic ministry. Very insightful and faith-building! Great testimonies of how God’s voice changes things.


1 Thessalonians 5:16-21 – You need faith to receive the word.

  1. Have a joyful spirit – be joyful always.
  2. Pray continually – pray over the word, the word is a seed of possibility and we must tend it with faith, God’s word does not return void but our faith may return void if not tended with prayer.
  3. Be happy when others get a word – give thanks in all circumstances.
  4. Welcome the Holy Spirit – do not quench the Spirit.
  5. Embrace God’s voice – do not despise prophecies, God doesn’t have to speak — he wants to speak to us!