Leadership Seminar – William Mitchell.

Join us as William Mitchell shares the wisdom and insights gained from years of church ministry, itinerant ministry and church planting.

Below is a summary of his main points, in his message: “The Functions Of Leadership.”

  • As leaders, we are called to be equippers (Ephesians 4).
  • We must start with a clear vision. Get your vision right, stand on it, pray over it.
  • We must learn how to hear and obey and trust God (Hebrews 3:7-12; John 10:27).
  • Integrity is very important in ministry.
  • Go for the lost, not for the already saved (his new church plant is 80 % new Christians). Let the Great Commission be your mission.
  • Make disciples, not babies.
  • Realize that it is difficult to do new things with old Christians, so win new Christians.
  • Challenge your members at every opportunity to invite (friendship evangelism).
  • 90 % of people come because of an invitation.
  • Always give altar calls in your home groups.
  • Focus on schools for leaders, and teach them how to serve.
  • Stick to the vision, no matter what, BUT make sure it is from God.
  • Have every member commit to make some personal disciples (Psalm 2:8).
  • Leaders should produce leaders. (You always produce what you are, so if you aren’t producing leaders, you probably aren’t a leader).
  • Pray without ceasing.
  • Don’t invite them to “church”, invite them to your home groups. (It is easier for people to connect with a small group of people, and then go with them to “church”).
  • Ask God to give you a deep love for your people.
  • Know the condition of your people, and pray for your people every day.
  • Stay humble and flexible.
  • Don’t fall into maintenance mode, don’t give up, but keep pressing on. (Hebrews 10:35-39).
  • Meet with your guests each week after the service, for refreshments (coffee, tea, cookies) and introduce them to two other leaders from the church.
  • Preach to unbelievers, but teach believers.