Clés de l’intimité: Vivre le cœur de Dieu – Pt 5 – Sainteté: Faire l’expérience de Son cœur en éliminant les obstacles – Kathy Hibbert.

Keys To Intimacy: Experiencing The Heart Of God – Part 5 – Holiness: Experiencing His Heart Through Removing Our Hindrances – Kathy Hibbert.

There is no trust without intimacy. Intimacy builds trust. In this series you will learn a number of simple keys that will enable you to deepen your relationship with the lover of your soul, and come to trust Him in a whole new way.

In Part 5 we will learn what holiness really is, what are the top hindrances to intimacy with God, how to remove those hindrances, and how the “beauty of Holiness” allows us to deeply gaze at and discover the heart of God.