A Season Of Transition – Mary Audrey Raycroft.

Come away and move on. Reposition.

2014 was the year 5774. It was a year of the open door, and a year of shaking.

Revival requires desire and determination.

Mark 10:46 – Blind Bartimaeus. Mark 10:50 – He threw away his coat, representing his old identity. Mark 10:50 – Then he jumped up, because we need to take a stand to see our miracle. Mary 10:50 – Then he came to Jesus, because He is the one we need for change to occur.

A plateau is a level piece of land. It is also a period without increase, a leveling off, a place to stay, a stable level without progress, a high point with no motivation to increase.

We decline if we don’t update ourselves. But to change, we must keep loose structures.

There must be a change in procedure, a change in perception (come out of tunnel vision), a change in sound, and a change in alignments.

Put up your sail, and see if the wind will catch it.

Some opportunities are in the boat, but you must push out from the shore.

Don’t just sit, soak, and sour. Eventually it is time to stand, move, and minister.