Overcoming Self-Deception

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Pt 2 – Avoiding Self-Deception


2015-11-15 – Overcoming Self-Deception – Pt 2 – Avoiding Self-Deception – David Hibbert. This week Pastor David shares Part 2 of the series “Overcoming Self-Deception”. This week, “Avoiding Self-Deception”. Pastor David will share with you a little known principle from the Word of God that God has given us, so that we can avoid almost […]

Pt 1 – Confronting Our Self-Deception


Overcoming Self-Deception – Pt 1 – Confronting Our Self-Deception – David Hibbert This week Pastor David brings a very important message to us, exposing a major error that is sweeping the Christian world. In “Confronting Our Self-Deception”, we will examine two life-impacting consequences of misunderstanding our identity in Christ and being led astray by self-righteousness. […]