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Have You Been Forgiven Much?

Have You Been Forgiven Much? – Sandy Hartigan. Have you been forgiven much? Does it depend on God or does it depend on you? We are going to look deeper into the terms of receiving and believing for forgiveness. The power of the cross and resurrection was God’s redeeming act of love — freely given. The […]

Prayers That Heal The Heart


Please click on the titles, to download the following resources. (Note: Videos will open in Youtube, all other files will download). Session 1 – 2020-02-22 Prayers That Heal The Heart – LEARN Notebook (PDF) Prayers That Heal The Heart – Session 1 – PowerPoint Slides (PDF) Prayers That Heal The Heart – Session 1 – […]

How Much Faithfulness Is Enough?


How Much Faithfulness Is Enough? – Sandy Hartigan. How much faithfulness to God do you think is enough? Does your present level of faithfulness measure up — even to your own standard? If we are Christians, we would most likely want to say that we are 100 percent faithful. But if we are not, does […]

Let Us Cross Over To The Other Side


Let Us Cross Over To The Other Side – with Eugene May. Enjoy as Eugene May shares how this one simple statement by Jesus to His disciples, became a test of faith that revealed the real condition of their hearts concerning their trust in Jesus. Do we pass the test, when Jesus tells us we […]

Seven Keys To A Church That Excels


Seven Keys To A Church That Excels – Mike Hartigan. There are seven temptations that every church faces, that will either destroy us if we give in to them, or cause us to excel if we overcome them. Come and learn what the seven temptations are, and how we can overcome them and begin to […]

A New Season Of Harvest


A New Season Of Harvest – Samuel Robinson. Isaiah 60 – The light has come. What you focus on, you empower. John 4:30-35 – Fourth months then the harvest. No, now! If you sow into the ones that you do not know, God will take care of your family.

Qualifications Of A Faithful Man


Qualifications Of A Faithful Man – Eugene May (Teaching Summary). Introduction 2 Timothy 1:6 – stir up the gift … to overcome fear. 2 Timothy 2:1 – be strong in God’s grace 2 Timothy 2:2 – the things you have heard from me, commit to faithful men, who are able to teach others. Commit what […]

Communicating With God


Communication With God: The 5 W’s Of Worship, Praise And Prayer. Communication is so important in this high speed, low touch society in which we live. But what about communication with God? In this very practical message, Mike Hartigan looks at three very important communication tools we can use to connect with Father God — […]

Empowered By The Spirit


Empowered By The Spirit – David Hibbert. In this encouraging and inspiring message, David Hibbert talks about how trying to live the Christian life without the Holy Spirit, is like trying to live the human life without breathing. This message is filled with personal testimonies of how we can all live the supernatural life, no matter […]

The Love Languages Of Heaven


In this message T. J. Green shares amazing and miraculous testimonies of God’s demonstrated love, as he exposes the truth that prophetic ministry must reflect the character of heaven and produce the culture of heaven here on earth. He then explains and illustrates the love languages of heaven, and shows us that the language of […]

How To Overcome

How To Overcome – With Mike Hartigan In this insightful, practical and relevant teaching, Mike Hartigan shares with us how to overcome our greatest enemy in life — the enemy of self. Come and learn how to use the power that God has given each one of us, to overcome every internal battle in our […]

How Faith Attracts A Prophetic Word


How Faith Attracts A Prophetic Word – Samuel Robinson. Listen intently as Samuel Robinson shares five principles that attracts the voice of God to you, through prophetic ministry. Very insightful and faith-building! Great testimonies of how God’s voice changes things. Summary 1 Thessalonians 5:16-21 – You need faith to receive the word. Have a joyful spirit […]

The Power Of The Word

The Power Of The Word – Myriam LeSaulnier. Jesus taught us that we can make a difference, living out our faith one day at a time, one Word at a time. To all those who believe, one word from God can change your life forever.

What About The Dinosaurs?

What About The Dinosaurs? – With Gus Olsthoorn. • Was there an ‘age of dinosaurs’ long before people came on the scene? • What does the Bible say about dinosaurs? • What were the dragons of history? • What do dinosaur fossils tell us? • What happened to the dinosaurs? Come and discover answers to […]

The Three Best Gifts


The Three Best Gifts – David Hibbert. In this inspirational message, David Hibbert looks at the three best gifts. No, they are not the gifts the Wise Men gave to Jesus at His birth, they are the gifts of three people that God gave to each one of us. Come and discover some amazing facts […]

Prophetic Activation Seminar


Prophetic Activation Seminar – William Mitchell. Join Prophet William Mitchell as he teaches on many practical suggestions for activating the prophetic in your life. Summary of Message Declare! Declare! Declare! John 16:30 – Holy Spirit tells you about things to come. 1 Timothy 4:14 – Impartation through the laying on of hands 1 Corinthians 12:1 […]

Developing A Prophetic Culture


Developing A Prophetic Culture – William Mitchell. Learn how to develop a prophetic culture in your local church, with the guidance of a seasoned prophet, William Mitchell. Summary of Message: 1 Corinthians 14 – If one of you has … Prophetic worship Prophetic dancing Prophetic intercession Romans 12:6 – Prophesy by faith Hebrews 11:1 – […]