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Welcoming The Season Of Cleansing


Welcoming The Season Of Cleansing – Sandy Hartigan. Whether we like it or not, everything of value needs to be cleansed on a regular basis in order to function properly — our house, our car, our clothes — and so much more. But what about us – God’s church – what God loves most of […]

In The Present


In The Present – Kathy Hibbert. Join us as Kathy Hibbert shares a historic Christian discipline that moves us into the tangible presence of God where we can hear His voice and receive His grace and refreshing.

A Christian Response To Discrimination

A Christian Response to Discrimination – David Hibbert. Racism, favoritism, sectarianism, victimization, prejudism, judgementalism. How many ways have we learned to discriminate against each other? In this very honest and compassionate message, Pastor David Hibbert looks at the issue of discrimination, and shares with us a Biblically based response and strategy for the church, and […]

Have You Been Forgiven Much?

Have You Been Forgiven Much? – Sandy Hartigan. Have you been forgiven much? Does it depend on God or does it depend on you? We are going to look deeper into the terms of receiving and believing for forgiveness. The power of the cross and resurrection was God’s redeeming act of love — freely given. The […]

Prayers That Heal The Heart


Please click on the titles, to download the following resources. (Note: Videos will open in Youtube, all other files will download). Session 1 – 2020-02-22 Prayers That Heal The Heart – LEARN Notebook (PDF) Prayers That Heal The Heart – Session 1 – PowerPoint Slides (PDF) Prayers That Heal The Heart – Session 1 – […]

How Much Faithfulness Is Enough?


How Much Faithfulness Is Enough? – Sandy Hartigan. How much faithfulness to God do you think is enough? Does your present level of faithfulness measure up — even to your own standard? If we are Christians, we would most likely want to say that we are 100 percent faithful. But if we are not, does […]

Let Us Cross Over To The Other Side


Let Us Cross Over To The Other Side – with Eugene May. Enjoy as Eugene May shares how this one simple statement by Jesus to His disciples, became a test of faith that revealed the real condition of their hearts concerning their trust in Jesus. Do we pass the test, when Jesus tells us we […]

Seven Keys To A Church That Excels


Seven Keys To A Church That Excels – Mike Hartigan. There are seven temptations that every church faces, that will either destroy us if we give in to them, or cause us to excel if we overcome them. Come and learn what the seven temptations are, and how we can overcome them and begin to […]

A New Season Of Harvest


A New Season Of Harvest – Samuel Robinson. Isaiah 60 – The light has come. What you focus on, you empower. John 4:30-35 – Fourth months then the harvest. No, now! If you sow into the ones that you do not know, God will take care of your family.

Qualifications Of A Faithful Man


Qualifications Of A Faithful Man – Eugene May (Teaching Summary). Introduction 2 Timothy 1:6 – stir up the gift … to overcome fear. 2 Timothy 2:1 – be strong in God’s grace 2 Timothy 2:2 – the things you have heard from me, commit to faithful men, who are able to teach others. Commit what […]

Communicating With God


Communication With God: The 5 W’s Of Worship, Praise And Prayer. Communication is so important in this high speed, low touch society in which we live. But what about communication with God? In this very practical message, Mike Hartigan looks at three very important communication tools we can use to connect with Father God — […]

Empowered By The Spirit


Empowered By The Spirit – David Hibbert. In this encouraging and inspiring message, David Hibbert talks about how trying to live the Christian life without the Holy Spirit, is like trying to live the human life without breathing. This message is filled with personal testimonies of how we can all live the supernatural life, no matter […]

The Love Languages Of Heaven


In this message T. J. Green shares amazing and miraculous testimonies of God’s demonstrated love, as he exposes the truth that prophetic ministry must reflect the character of heaven and produce the culture of heaven here on earth. He then explains and illustrates the love languages of heaven, and shows us that the language of […]

How To Overcome

How To Overcome – With Mike Hartigan In this insightful, practical and relevant teaching, Mike Hartigan shares with us how to overcome our greatest enemy in life — the enemy of self. Come and learn how to use the power that God has given each one of us, to overcome every internal battle in our […]

How Faith Attracts A Prophetic Word


How Faith Attracts A Prophetic Word – Samuel Robinson. Listen intently as Samuel Robinson shares five principles that attracts the voice of God to you, through prophetic ministry. Very insightful and faith-building! Great testimonies of how God’s voice changes things. Summary 1 Thessalonians 5:16-21 – You need faith to receive the word. Have a joyful spirit […]

The Power Of The Word

The Power Of The Word – Myriam LeSaulnier. Jesus taught us that we can make a difference, living out our faith one day at a time, one Word at a time. To all those who believe, one word from God can change your life forever.

What About The Dinosaurs?

What About The Dinosaurs? – With Gus Olsthoorn. • Was there an ‘age of dinosaurs’ long before people came on the scene? • What does the Bible say about dinosaurs? • What were the dragons of history? • What do dinosaur fossils tell us? • What happened to the dinosaurs? Come and discover answers to […]

The Three Best Gifts


The Three Best Gifts – David Hibbert. In this inspirational message, David Hibbert looks at the three best gifts. No, they are not the gifts the Wise Men gave to Jesus at His birth, they are the gifts of three people that God gave to each one of us. Come and discover some amazing facts […]

Prophetic Activation Seminar


Prophetic Activation Seminar – William Mitchell. Join Prophet William Mitchell as he teaches on many practical suggestions for activating the prophetic in your life. Summary of Message Declare! Declare! Declare! John 16:30 – Holy Spirit tells you about things to come. 1 Timothy 4:14 – Impartation through the laying on of hands 1 Corinthians 12:1 […]

Developing A Prophetic Culture


Developing A Prophetic Culture – William Mitchell. Learn how to develop a prophetic culture in your local church, with the guidance of a seasoned prophet, William Mitchell. Summary of Message: 1 Corinthians 14 – If one of you has … Prophetic worship Prophetic dancing Prophetic intercession Romans 12:6 – Prophesy by faith Hebrews 11:1 – […]

Birthing The New Year


Birthing The New Year – Sandy Hartigan. Most people wait to see what the New Year unfolds for them. As Christians, we should be cooperating with the Spirit and the Word to unfold the New Year according to God’s will. Join us for a special gathering to thank God for 2018 and make declarations for […]

Destiny Worship & Presentations


2018-12-23 – Destiny Worship & Presentations – Destiny Church. What Gift Will You Bring? Join us for our yearly Christmas celebration. This year we will be sharing special Christmas music, presentations and testimonies.

The Sound Of Christmas


The Sound Of Christmas – Sandy Hartigan Do you hear the true sound of Christmas? Did you know that you determine what you hear, based on: What atmosphere you carry in your life, Your receptiveness to the sound, The frequency of attitude, perception and belief you are tuned to and, The frequency you may be unconsciously transmitting to others. Let’s tune our ears to […]

Story In The Stars


Story In The Stars – Joe Amaral. Joe shares about how the constellations and events on earth coincide together announcing the birth of Jesus … and much more. JOE AMARAL is a licensed and ordained minister and travels full-time as a sought after conference and event speaker. Amaral is the host and producer of a […]

Christmas Through Jewish Eyes


Christmas Through Jewish Eyes – Jorge Sedaca. Many of us are discovering the Jewish Roots of Christian belief and practice. But did you know that even Christmas has deep roots in Jewish belief? Have you ever wondered how Jewish people view Christmas? Join us as Jorge Sedaca from Chosen People Ministries speaks about the biblical […]

Freedom To …


Freedom To … – Kathy Hibbert. In this message, Kathy Hibbert challenges us to explore ALL aspects of our freedom in Christ, not only what Jesus has freed us from, but also what He has freed us to do!

College Chretien Anatoth, Haiti Presentation

2018-10-28 – College Chretien Anatoth, Haiti Presentation – Richard & Agathe Ouellette & Helen Gagnon. A presentation by Richard & Agathe Ouellette and Helene Gagnon concerning “COLLÈGE CHRÉTIEN ANATOTH”, a Christian school in Haiti which now has 235 students. Come and discover the incredible needs of children in Haiti, and how we can practically help […]

Understanding The Faith Cycle


Understanding The Faith Cycle – Mike Tracey. We all want to increase our faith in God, but how do we do that? Listen to Mike Tracey as he shares how faith is strongly linked to the love of God, and how understanding the love of God automatically increases our faith.



Perseverence – Eugene May. The Power Of Perseverance Have you been tempted to give up lately? Come and hear how Eugene and Sherry May have pressed through many trials in their lives, and because of their perseverance, they have seen the miraculous power of God demonstrated in their lives. Many great testimonies of God’s faithfulness. […]

The Importance Of Friendship


The Importance Of Friendship – David Hibbert. Why do we need friends? Why does God want us to have friends? Why does the Bible challenge each one of us to have a circle of friends? And why did Jesus say that He wanted to be our friend? Come and discover three reasons why friends are […]

Living Life Bold As A Lion


Living Life Bold As A Lion – Sandy Hartigan. The Bible says that we are called to be as bold as a lion! But what on earth does that really mean? How do we become “bold”? What does “bold” look like? Why do we need to be “bold”? Come and learn the secret to letting the lion out!

How To Receive God’s Good For Us


How To Receive God’s Good For Us – Kathy Hibbert. God promised that we could “eat the good of the land” — that we could enjoy the full measure of provision that God has for us. But so many people seem to miss out on so much! Why is that so? Come and discover God’s […]

Spirit-Led Evangelism


Spirit-Led Evangelism – Jon Laframboise. Listen to Jon Laframboise as he shares an inspiring message on how to naturally share your faith with others. Lots of great testimonies of God’s faithfulness! Don’t pray for victory, pray from victory. Evangelism is expressing your love for Jesus in a public way. Matthew 5:13 Romans 2:4 – The goodness […]

Wisdom In The Last Days

Wisdom In The Last Days – Mike Hartigan. Do we have what it takes to get through time of chaos? Or are we often overwhelmed even in the small problems that we face in our lives? We are going to look at a key characteristic that the Bible encourages us to have, and skillfully use, […]

Fathers’ Day 2018

Fathers Day 2018 – Scott Hartigan. In this very humorous and very honest look at fathering, Scott first looks at the history of Fathers’ Day. Then he looks at the three expressions of Fatherhood – Father God the perfect father, Scott’s journey as a son, and finally his journey now as a father. Be inspired!

The Goodness Of God


The Goodness Of God – Brian Sauder. We’ve all messed up, in some way or other, and our messes have affected our lives. Others have messed up, and their messes have affected our lives. In this message Brian Sauder looks at all our messes, and shows us how the goodness of God can set us […]

Hot For God


Hot For God – Steven Swisher. Join Prophetic Revivalist Steven Swisher from Georgia, USA, as he shares on the importance of staying hot for God. Destiny, victory, and liberty awaits those who keep their fires burning!

La sagesse d’un père à un fils


La sagesse d’un père à un fils – Tony Rezendes. A Father’s Wisdom To A Son – Tony Rezendes. Join us as Tony Rezendes shares an inspiring, insightful and powerful message from the Word of God. Apostle Tony, better known as Papa Tony, co-labors together with wife Beverly as an Apostle/Prophet team.  They  have been in […]

A Father’s Wisdom To A Son


A Father’s Wisdom To A Son – Tony Rezendes. Join us as Tony Rezendes shares an inspiring, insightful and powerful message from the Word of God. Apostle Tony, better known as Papa Tony, co-labors together with wife Beverly as an Apostle/Prophet team.  They  have been in ministry since 1982, pioneered two churches, a Bible School and […]

Have You Discovered Your Secret Place?

Have You Discovered Your Secret Place? – Marilyn Reed Join us as we journey through the first six verses of Psalm 91 to discover Father God’s guiding principles of who may enter into the Secret Place, how to remain in the Secret Place, and how to receive the full benefits of the Secret Place.

Stand Firm

Stand Firm – Mike Hartigan. In this very uplifting and inspiring teaching, Mike Hartigan will teach on faith, and how we can stand firmly on the foundation of God’s Word, and in the truth about who He says we are in our identity as His children.

What Are You Expecting?


What Are You Expecting? – Kathy Hibbert On the night Jesus was …. betrayed …. He took bread and gave thanks. What do you do when your expectations are not met, and instead, you face pain, hurt, and even betrayal? How do you deal with betrayal? What are your expectations for the New Year? Will […]

The Rewards of Guarding Times In His Presence


2017-12-10 – The Rewards of Guarding Times In His Presence – Sandy Hartigan. Our journey into setting aside time to Practice His Presence through our faithful daily encounters will give way to the importance of being hidden in The Rock – Jesus. That these times of new revelation of His Love, His comfort, His counsel […]

Positioning Yourself to Receive Strength Of God


Positioning Yourself to Receive ‘Strength Of God’ – Sandy Hartigan. This is not the kind of strength that we can humanly exert. This is God’s supernatural strength that only He can provide. It is strength that wells up from within our spirit that challenges our own expected ways of reactions to life’s situations and tests […]

Becoming Who We Are In Christ


Becoming Who We Are In Christ – Marilyn Reed. Once we have receive Christ as our Lord and Saviour, in Christ we are overcomers, courageous, prosperous, free, bold, victorious, and so much more. But how do we “become” who were are? Once we know who we are in Christ, how do we become who we […]