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Pt 5 – Pull Down Strongholds


Five Keys For Effective Prayer Evangelism – Pt 5 – Pull Down Strongholds – David Hibbert. In this fifth teaching, David Hibbert looks at strongholds in people’s minds, how they work, and how they deceive us. He then shares 4 specific ways we can pull down strongholds in our loved-ones’ minds through prayer, so that they can […]

Pt 2 – Use God’s Word


Five Keys For Effective Prayer Evangelism – Pt 2 – Use God’s Word – David Hibbert. In this second message in this series, David Hibbert reveals how using God’s Word when praying for our loved ones not only increases our effectiveness in prayer, but also grows our faith as we pray.

Pt 1 – Open Your Mouth


Five Keys For Effective Prayer Evangelism – Pt 1 – Open Your Mouth – David Hibbert. In this introductory message, God wants us to understand that He had decided that if we do not speak, He will not move. Learn why committing our mouths for God’s use in prayer is so necessary, and discover 12 […]

Spirit-Led Evangelism


Spirit-Led Evangelism – Jon Laframboise. Listen to Jon Laframboise as he shares an inspiring message on how to naturally share your faith with others. Lots of great testimonies of God’s faithfulness! Don’t pray for victory, pray from victory. Evangelism is expressing your love for Jesus in a public way. Matthew 5:13 Romans 2:4 – The goodness […]

How To Have A Healing Ministry – Pt 2

How To Have A Healing Ministry – Pt 2 – David Hibbert. Every believer in Christ should want to be used by God to share the love of Christ, minister to those who are suffering, and invite people into the Kingdom of God. In this teaching, David Hibbert shares the key requirements that are necessary for anyone […]

Getting The Job Done


Impact Weekend 2017 – Getting The Job Done – Craig Fasler. We are called to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature, and make them into disciples. This is not just a suggestion, but a clear and passionate command from Jesus Himself to every disciple. Craig challenges us to stop […]