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How Faith Attracts A Prophetic Word


How Faith Attracts A Prophetic Word – Samuel Robinson. Listen intently as Samuel Robinson shares five principles that attracts the voice of God to you, through prophetic ministry. Very insightful and faith-building! Great testimonies of how God’s voice changes things. Summary 1 Thessalonians 5:16-21 – You need faith to receive the word. Have a joyful spirit […]

Pt 4 – Prepare Their Hearts


Five Keys For Effective Prayer Evangelism – Pt 4 – Prepare Their Hearts – David Hibbert. In this fourth teaching, David Hibbert shares how the word of God is a seed that needs to be sown, and then grow roots in order to produce fruit. Then, looking at the Parable of the sower, he reveals […]

Pt 2 – Use God’s Word


Five Keys For Effective Prayer Evangelism – Pt 2 – Use God’s Word – David Hibbert. In this second message in this series, David Hibbert reveals how using God’s Word when praying for our loved ones not only increases our effectiveness in prayer, but also grows our faith as we pray.

Pt 1 – Open Your Mouth


Five Keys For Effective Prayer Evangelism – Pt 1 – Open Your Mouth – David Hibbert. In this introductory message, God wants us to understand that He had decided that if we do not speak, He will not move. Learn why committing our mouths for God’s use in prayer is so necessary, and discover 12 […]

Understanding The Faith Cycle


Understanding The Faith Cycle – Mike Tracey. We all want to increase our faith in God, but how do we do that? Listen to Mike Tracey as he shares how faith is strongly linked to the love of God, and how understanding the love of God automatically increases our faith.

Stand Firm

Stand Firm – Mike Hartigan. In this very uplifting and inspiring teaching, Mike Hartigan will teach on faith, and how we can stand firmly on the foundation of God’s Word, and in the truth about who He says we are in our identity as His children.

Pt 3- Learning To Live By Faith In God


Living in the Dynamic Tension of the Cross – Pt 3 – Learning To Live By Faith In God – Mike Tracey In Part 3 – “Learning To Live By Faith In God”, Mike answers the question: “Is it possible to live simply by faith in God and avoid all religious legalism?”  Listen to Mike’s insights into […]

Cultivating A Revival Lifestyle


Cultivating A Revival Lifestyle – Samuel Robinson. In this teaching, Samuel Robinson teaches and shares many testimonies about how every Christian is called to walk in a revival lifestyle, and daily experience the glory of God in their life. Summary: Jesus came that you may have “life, and life more abundantly.” Philippians 4 says that […]

Faith Comes By:


Faith Comes By: – Eugene May. Eugene May shares five different ways that faith comes. Filled with lots of faith-building testimonies. 2 Peter 1:1 – “… like precious faith …” 1. Receiving as a gift / measure of faith / seed of faith – Romans 12:3 2. Hearing the Word – Romans 10:17 3. Seeing […]