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Pt 1 – Understanding Gender


God’s Design For Gender Identity – Pt 1 – Understanding Gender – David Hibbert. In this first of a two-part teaching, David Hibbert looks at the issue of Gender Identity. He starts with the Biblical foundation for gender, and then looks at the difference between Biological Gender Identity and Psychological Gender Identity. He then looks […]

The Three Best Gifts


The Three Best Gifts – David Hibbert. In this inspirational message, David Hibbert looks at the three best gifts. No, they are not the gifts the Wise Men gave to Jesus at His birth, they are the gifts of three people that God gave to each one of us. Come and discover some amazing facts […]

Pt 7 – The Spirit Of Sonship


Overcoming The Orphan Stronghold – Pt 7 – The Spirit Of Sonship – David Hibbert. Every person on earth struggles with the orphan stronghold. It affects our faith in God, our ability to trust God, our ability to trust people, our ability to relate with others, our ability to have healthy marriages, our freedom in Christ, our healing, and […]

The Goodness Of God


The Goodness Of God – Brian Sauder. We’ve all messed up, in some way or other, and our messes have affected our lives. Others have messed up, and their messes have affected our lives. In this message Brian Sauder looks at all our messes, and shows us how the goodness of God can set us […]

Stand Firm

Stand Firm – Mike Hartigan. In this very uplifting and inspiring teaching, Mike Hartigan will teach on faith, and how we can stand firmly on the foundation of God’s Word, and in the truth about who He says we are in our identity as His children.

Becoming Who We Are In Christ


Becoming Who We Are In Christ – Marilyn Reed. Once we have receive Christ as our Lord and Saviour, in Christ we are overcomers, courageous, prosperous, free, bold, victorious, and so much more. But how do we “become” who were are? Once we know who we are in Christ, how do we become who we […]