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Pt 4 – One More Weed

Lessons From My Garden – Pt 4 – One More Weed – Kathy Hibbert. Join us as Kathy Hibbert shares about 1 more really tormenting weed and how to overcome it, and then shares a strategy on how to keep the garden of our heart well cultivated and relatively free from “weeds”.

Vision 2019 – Make Disciples


Vision 2019 – Make Disciples – David Hibbert. Where is God taking us in 2019 and beyond? Is there a clear path that He wants us pursue? Join with us as we “unpack” God’s plans and purpose for Destiny Church for the New Year, and the foundations that we must lay, in order to build […]

Perfected Through Love


Perfected Through Love – Bernard Dufour. Can a human being actually be perfect? Bernard Dufour says “yes!” According to Jesus Himself, we can be perfected through love. Enjoy this very humorous and very encouraging message, on how God works in us to perfect us. Matthew 5;44-48 – Be perfect (in the context of loving our […]