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Pt 1 – Four Benefits Of Salvation


Pre-Encounter Foundations – Pt 1 – Four Benefits Of Salvation – Kathy Hibbert. Prepare to experience an encounter with God! In part 1 of this four-part series, Kathy Hibbert looks at four incredible benefits of salvation through Jesus Christ, and how we can personally experience these four benefits. Discover how to receive and enjoy these […]

Pt 2 – God’s Ultimate Desire


Overcoming The Orphan Stronghold – Pt 2 – God’s Ultimate Desire – David Hibbert. Every person on the face of the earth struggles with the orphan stronghold. It affects our faith in God, our ability to trust God, our ability to trust people, our ability to relate with others, our ability to have healthy marriages, […]

Pt 1 – The Vertical And Horizontal Boards

Experience Resurrection Power By Embracing The Cross – Pt 1 – The Vertical And Horizontal Boards – David Hibbert. In this insightful teaching, David Hibbert shares a little understood consequence of Jesus’ work on the cross, that is indispensable to embrace, if we are going to truly experience the fullness of Resurrection Power and the […]

Pt 2- Learning How To B.L.E.S.S.


The Power of a Blessing – Part 2 – Learning How To B.L.E.S.S. – David Hibbert. Every human being longs for love, longs for acceptance, longs for the knowledge that they are valued by someone, and that they have a purpose worth living for. God has given us the principle of blessing  as a way […]

Pt 2 – The Power Of “With”


Establishing God’s Kingdom Through Relationships: Part 2 – The Power Of “With” In Part 2 of this series, “The Power Of ‘With’”, David Hibbert exposes the power of “with” to influence and transform. Jesus chose 12 to be “with” them, and their lives were never the same. Are we willing to commit ourselves to being […]