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Pt 2 – A Dancing God: Why?

Discovering God’s Love – Pt 2 – A Dancing God: Why? – David McCann. Did you know that the Bible describes God’s joy over us as a wild, abandoned, dancing joy. This a wonderful piece of the message of the Minor Prophet, Zephaniah. But the real question we hope to answer is this: “Why in […]

A Story Of Three Gardens

RESURRECTION SUNDAY 2018 – A Story Of Three Gardens – David Hibbert. In this special Resurrection Sunday message, David Hibbert looks at three gardens described in the Bible, and how the events in each garden lead to world-wide changes. Join us for an insightful and inspiring message to help you honour and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus!

My Search For Truth


2017-08-27 – My Search For Truth – David Hibbert. Join us as Pastor David Hibbert shares about his journey to find truth and purpose, resulting in finding truth, purpose, and a personal relationship with Father God.