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A Christian Response To Discrimination

A Christian Response to Discrimination – David Hibbert. Racism, favoritism, sectarianism, victimization, prejudism, judgementalism. How many ways have we learned to discriminate against each other? In this very honest and compassionate message, Pastor David Hibbert looks at the issue of discrimination, and shares with us a Biblically based response and strategy for the church, and […]

Pt 5 – Keys to A Weed-Free Garden

Lessons from My Garden – Pt 5 – Keys To A Weed-Free Garden – Kathy Hibbert. Join us as Kathy Hibbert concludes her series on “Lessons From My Garden”, with the message “Keys To A Weed-Free Garden”. Listen to this humorous and insightful message that compares our hearts to a garden (God did it first) […]