Next Steps 2 – Healthy Foundations

Next Steps 2 – Healthy Foundations

Healthy Foundations Overview.

Healthy Foundations is a series of classes designed to help you hear from God, learn the value of His word, and ensure you have a healthy concept of God.

Session 1WelcomeVideoAudioNotes
Module 1 – How Do I See God?

God desires an intimate relationship with you rooted in a healed concept of who He is, the truth that He is completely good, and understanding that nothing can separate you from His unconditional love!

Session 1Part 1 – Concept Of GodVideoAudioNotes
Session 2 Part 2 – Truth = God Is Completely GoodVideoAudioNotes
Session 3Part 3 – Truth = God Is LoveVideoAudioNotes
Module 2 – How Does God See Me?

God sees us as righteous through the lens of Grace and deeply desires a personal relationship with us. There is nothing we can or need do to deserve or earn this amazing gift other than believe in His love for us through the one He sent to die for us, His son, Jesus Christ.

Session 1Part 1 – God Sees Me Through The Lens Of GraceVideoAudioNotes
Session 2Part 2 – God Sees Me As RighteousVideoAudioNotes
Session 3Part 3 – God Desires A Personal Relationship With YouVideoAudioNotes
Module 3 – The Bible Has All Authority.

The Bible is the inspired, inerrant, and infallible Word of God that sustains, fills, and gives us life and serves as our best line of defense in times of need and trouble. We are able to walk in the authority of the Bible if we daily choose to partake in the spiritual nourishment God provides through His Word.

Session 1Part 1 – The Bible Is The Word Of GodVideoAudioNotes
Session 2Part 2 – Live By The Word Of God: Bread, Water, BreathVideoAudioNotes
Session 3Part 3 – Meditating On God’s Word & PrayerVideoAudioNotes
Module 4 – How To Hear God.

Created in His image for the purpose of personal relationship, we have the ability to communicate with God. We learn His voice as we mature, through Worship, the Word, and Prayer. Everything starts with Hearing, Believing, and Obeying!

Session 1Part 1 – Hearing God Is Part Of Our IdentityVideoAudioNotes
Session 2Part 2 – Hearing God Is A Part Of Spiritual GrowthVideoAudioNotes
Session 3Part 3 – His Word, His Voice, His Counsel, His PeaceVideoAudioNotes