About Us: Who We Are – Our Core Values

About Us: Who We Are – Our Core Values

1.     Intimacy with God

We desire to experience the abiding presence of the Living God, and intimately know Him as Abba, and His Son Jesus as our bridegroom.

  • Through soaking prayer
  • Through individual communion with God that practices the presence of God
  • Through prophetic journaling

2.     Prophetic Worship

We desire to create vibrant atmospheres of worship that are celebration-focused, joy-filled, and spiritually refreshing, where God is honoured, Jesus is exalted, and the Holy Spirit is allowed to lead, so that God is pleased to inhabit our praise and abide with us.

  • Through dynamic worship
  • Through spontaneous high praise
  • Through prophetic music

3.     Christian Community

We desire to establish a covenant-based community of believers where authentic relationships are cultivated through love, respect, honour, loyalty, transparency, honesty and accountability, and unity is expressed to the world around us.

  • Through relational small groups
  • Through intentional activities
  • Through transparent modeling

4.     Advancement of God’s Kingdom

We desire to partner with the greater body of Christ to see the purposes of God fulfilled and His rule advanced on the earth, manifested in freedom, deliverance, healing, and Biblical prosperity.

  • Through Spirit-empowered ministry, with signs and wonders following
  • Through networking with other Christian communities
  • Through practical community involvement
  • Through Biblical living
  • Through birthing new Christian communities
  • Through cross cultural missions ministry

5.     Relevancy

We desire to express practical teaching and ministry that is clear, relevant, applicable, and results in empowered living.

  • Through practical preaching and teaching
  • Through need-meeting programs
  • Through sensitivity to this generation and culture

6.    Personal Wholeness

We desire to create safe, compassionate, and Spirit-filled environments where people can be brought to wholeness, to the core of their lives. Every believer has unique gifts from God, which makes them significant.

  • Through Spirit-led deliverance
  • Through Christ-centred counselling
  • Through honouring the image of Christ in all people, treating them with dignity, and blessing them at every opportunity
  • Through loving and liberating accountability relationships
  • Through understanding our identity in Christ
  • Through building strong faith and freedom dynamics in every person
  • Through ministry which teaches, models, imparts and elevates healthy Biblical manhood, womanhood, and marriage
  • Through teaching and practicing the spiritual disciplines

7.     Spiritual Parenting

We desire to empower and release the rising generation of Kingdom leaders to step into their destiny, both in life and ministry. Every believer has a role in modeling, mentoring, and mobilizing the kingdom of God globally.

  • Through covenantal relationships
  • Through modeling Fathering and Mothering principles
  • Through voluntary submission and accountability

8.     Equipping And Empowering The Body Of Christ

We desire to mature and release every member of the body of Christ into their destiny and potential, until every member, men and women together as full partners in ministry, find their place, so that the Body is fully supplied and functioning effectively.

  • Through training and equipping schools
  • Through activities that recognize and mature each person as a son/daughter of Father God
  • Through releasing each person into the fullness of Spirit-filled ministry
  • Through emphasizing that each one is a minister, and every task is important.
  • Through leadership modelling
  • Through team-based ministry
  • Through the recognition of men and women together as full partners in ministry.

9.     Innovative And Creative Expression

We desire to foster and encourage creativity and innovation that reflects the creativity of God.

  • Through Spirit-birthed vision
  • Through strategic “outside of the box” thinking and structuring
  • Through encouraging, developing and releasing the arts as an act of worship
  • Through courageous risk-taking and pioneering in areas where the Holy Spirit leads

10.     Honour Of God’s Word

We desire to elevate God’s written word to its rightful place, where it is read, honoured, and obeyed. Every person needs a moral compass, which is the Bible, the Word of God. It will guide, guard, & grow them for life.

  • Through Bible-based preaching and teaching and study
  • Through submission to God’s Word in all essentials
  • Through building a reverence for, and walking by the Word of God

11.     Biblical Stewardship

We desire to empower and release God’s people into Biblical prosperity for the sake of advancing the Kingdom of God.

  • Through teaching and giving tithes, offerings and alms
  • Through teaching, modeling, and expressing generosity as we fulfill both the Great Commandment, and the Great Commission
  • Through faith-filled sowing and reaping
  • Through understanding and practicing that all we have belongs to God, not just tithes and offerings
  • Through honouring and generously blessing guest ministries

12.     The Modern Day Foundation Of Apostolic And Prophetic Ministry

We desire to raise up, release, establish and cover five-fold ministers and ministries for the body of Christ, and recognize and work with those who God is raising up in other regions.

  • Through structuring Apostolically
  • Through apostolic relationships and networking
  • Through developing and working with a regional eldership
  • Every person is loved by God, and therefore valued by us.


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