About Us: Who We Are – Our Process

About Us: Who We Are – Our Process


We believe that the five step process that every person needs to go through in order to mature into Christ-likeness, is:

Salvation – Every person must go through a personal salvation experience, where they turn from sin and self, and to righteousness and the Lordship of Christ, and be redeemed to God through a personal encounter with Jesus Christ.

Healing – After salvation, every person must go through a time of personal inner healing and restoration, so that they are freed from past hurts, offenses, pains, and bad habits, and come into the true and full freedom available in Christ. Why? Simply put — “hurt people hurt people, but healed people heal people.”

Equipping – After a time of healing and restoration, people are responsible to be equipped with practical ministry and interpersonal skills, so that they can minister effectively and lovingly to other people.

Activation – Every equipped person needs to learn how to use their newly acquired ministry skills in a safe and supportive environment, where they can “practice” without fear of negative consequences. This is done during “activation” times in special small group experiences, where they can be affirmed, fine-tuned, and adjusted as necessary.

Release – Every activated person needs to be released or commissioned, given opportunity and authority to use their gifts, talents and abilities, and have a place where they can be empowered, encouraged, and supported, as they step out in faith.

Therefore our process is to:

  • Save the lost
  • Heal the saved
  • Equip the healed
  • Activate the equipped
  • Release the activated.