About Us: Who We Are – Our Strategy

About Us: Who We Are – Our Strategy

Congregational – Life Transformation

  • We will intentionally provide an atmosphere of security and relational accountability within our local church, where people are free to find healing from their past, transformation in their present, and empowerment for their future.

Local – Neighbourhood Impact

  • We will intentionally reach out to the people in the neighbourhood around us, with a spirit of compassion and acceptance, with relevancy and sensitivity, with the purpose of loving them into the kingdom of God.

Regional – Metropolitan Influence

  • We will intentionally schedule regional conferences that will provide practical, strategic equipping resources for Christians in the Greater Montreal region.

World – Overseas Sowing

  • We will intentionally send people to other parts of the world for the purpose of sharing resources and training Christian leaders and workers to minister more effectively within their own countries and cultures.


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