Sermons by Brian Sauder

Speak To The Rock

Speak To The Rock – Brian Sauder. Click here to download an audio version of this teaching (MP3). Learn how to hear God’s fresh word for your life, and impact the world around you. Learn how to be open to the NEW things that God is doing and saying.

Resolving Conflict Seminar – Sessions 1 to 7

Resolving Conflict Seminar – Sessions 1 to 7 – Brian Sauder. Resolving conflict at work, in the church, in our families and in the community. Seminar Purpose: To help participants identify and understand conflict and provide techniques for improving conflict resolution and communication skills. Don’t miss these life-empowering sessions!

Discerning The Times – Episode 04- Brian & Janet Sauder

Discerning The Times – Episode 04 – Brian & Janet Sauder – 2020-10-10. In this series, David Hibbert interviews mature and experienced five-fold ministers, who have a reputation for discerning and declaring God’s word in every season. David’s question: “What is God saying to the church during this season of transition?” This episode: Brian and Janet Sauder 0f Dove International.