Sermons by John Eckhardt

Discerning The Times – Episode 05 – Dr. John Eckhardt

Discerning The Times – Episode 05 – Dr. John Eckhardt – 2020-10-24. In this series, David Hibbert interviews mature and experienced five-fold ministers, who have a reputation for discerning and declaring God’s word in every season. David’s question: “What is God saying to the church during this season of transition?” This episode: Dr. John Eckhardt of Stauron Ministries.

Apostolic Commissioning For David Hibbert

Apostolic Commissioning For David Hibbert 2013-06-12 Apostle John Eckhardt shares incredible insights into the importance and support for Apostolic Ministry, and how it relates to the local church, and Apostle Eugene May shares on the functioning of the Apostle. Then John Eckhardt, Eugene May and David McCann commission Pastor David Hibbert into the Apostolic Ministry. This video presents a good example of the commissioning process.

Pt 2 – The Need For New Wineskins

Worship And Wineskins Pt 2 – The Need For New Wineskins In part 2 of this series, entitled “The Need For New Wineskins”, Dr. John Eckhardt shares, very practically, on why we need to develop new wineskins throughout the course of our lives. Using marrage as an example, John builds insights on why new wineskins are absolutely necessary. He then concludes by sharing on a number of new wineskins that we must develop in our lives, in this new season.

Pt 2 – Misconceptions

The Apostolic Ministry Pt 2 – Misconceptions In this insightful teaching, John Eckhardt shares on the challenges of transitioning a church leader from the Pastoral to the Apostolic, and then shares on 10 of the most common misconceptions that people have concerning the Apostolic.  

Pt 1 – Establishing Ekklesia

The Apostolic Ministry Pt 1 – Establishing Ekklesia In this revolutionary teaching, Dr. John Eckhardt of Stauron Ministries shares on the true nature of the “Ekklesia”, it’s true intentded function on the earth, and how the Apostolic Ministry is necessary to establish it. Get a new vision for your purpose on the earth!

Commissioning Service 2012-10-13

Commissioning Service 2012-10-13 In this video, Mike and Sandra Hartigan are commissioned as Associate Ministers at Destiny Christian Church, and Debby Baril, David McCann and Gaston & Johanne Leduc are commissioned as Associate Itinerant Ministers of Destiny Apostolic Ministries. The commissioning team consisted of David & Kathy Hibbert, Tony & Beverly Rezendes, Eugene & Sherry May and David McCann. With the laying on of hands, the 6 candidates were commissioned, prophetic ministry was given, and impartation was received.