Sermons by Kaye Beyer

Pt 2 – Kaye Beyer Testimony

Grace Manifested Pt 2 – Kaye Beyer Testimony In this video, Kaye Beyer shares her personal testimony of walking with God over a 40 year period, accompanied by signs and wonders. Many good insights on walking with God.

Pt 1 – The Man That Knew God

Grace Manifested Pt 1 – The Man That Knew God In this video we learn about Dr. Harold Beyer – April 2nd 1925 – September 28th 2007 Dr. Harold Beyer was a carrier of the Glory of God when he walked this earth. He was a man of few words, but when he spoke, people listened. Dr. Harold was an ordinary ever day person, that walked in an extraordinary relationship with the Lord. Dr. Harold and his wife Dr. Kaye Beyer…