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Pt 3 – Releasing the Father-Heart of God

The Father-Heart Of God – Pt 3  – Releasing The Father-Heart of God – Mike Tracey. In this third teaching on the Father-Heart of God, Mike challenges and equips us to be passionate and godly witness of our Heavenly Father’s heart to the world.

Pt 2 – Receiving the Father-Heart of God

The Father-Heart Of God – Pt 2 – Receiving The Father-Heart Of God. In this second teaching in the Father-Heart of God series,  Mike Tracey shares on how to receive the true Father-Heart of God into our lives. Very uplifting and encouraging.

Pt 1 – Recognizing the Father-Heart of God

The Father-Heart Of God – Pt 1 – Recognizing the Father Heart of God. In this first of a three-part teaching series, Mike Tracey looks at how our Heavenly Father’s heart is different from our earthly father’s heart. Biblical promises reveal the true Father-heart of God.

Pt 4 – Encountering God

Pre-Encounter Foundations – Pt 4 – Encountering God. Prepare to experience an encounter with God! In part 4 of this four-part series, David Hibbert looks at how to prepare for next weekend’s Encounter Weekend. We will look at Biblical examples of people who encountered God, why an encounter is so important for each one of us, and how to prepare for an encounter with God. Come and get prepared!

Pt 2 – A Dancing God: Why?

Discovering God’s Love – Pt 2 – A Dancing God: Why? – David McCann. Did you know that the Bible describes God’s joy over us as a wild, abandoned, dancing joy. This a wonderful piece of the message of the Minor Prophet, Zephaniah. But the real question we hope to answer is this: “Why in Heaven would God actually dance because of me?” He sees everything. He knows my best and worst days. Come and find out why God dances…