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Pt 1 – The Execution Of Jesus – A – The Flogging

Uncovering Evidence For The Resurrection – Pt 1 – The Execution Of Jesus – David Hibbert. In just a few weeks we are going to celebrate Resurrection Day, the day that Jesus rose from the dead, proving Himself to be the Son of God, and winning for us freedom from death, and victory over all the schemes of the enemy. But is the resurrection only a matter of faith, or is there historical evidence for this miracle? Come and discover…

Pt 2 – Understanding The Cross

Pre-Encounter Foundations – Pt 2 – Understanding The Cross – Sandy Hartigan. Prepare to experience an encounter with God! In part 2 of this four-part series, Sandy Hartigan looks at the cross – the central symbol of the Christian faith. But what is it’s significance, and why did Jesus have to die in the first place? Come and receive an answer to your questions concerning the cross, and be amazed at the love of God!

Story In The Stars

Story In The Stars – Joe Amaral. Joe shares about how the constellations and events on earth coincide together announcing the birth of Jesus … and much more. JOE AMARAL is a licensed and ordained minister and travels full-time as a sought after conference and event speaker. Amaral is the host and producer of a weekly television show filmed on location in Israel called First Century Foundations. His close work with the archaeological and religious community in Israel affords him…