Sermons on La grace incroyable

Pt 8 – Le pouvoir de pardonner

La grâce incroyable – Pt 8 – Le pouvoir de pardonner – David McCann. Amazing Grace – Pt 8 – The POWER to Forgive – David McCann. In this 8th message in the series we will look at one of the most counter-cultural, and “not human” teachings of Jesus. Everything in life teaches us about holding our own, about getting even. Jesus says, “There is another way… an impossible way, if it were not for grace!” Did you know this…

Ch 7 – De la vertical à l’horizontale

Grâce incroyable – Ch 7 – De la vertical à l’horizontale – David McCann. Amazing Grace – Pt 7 – From The Vertical To The Horizontal – With David McCann. Needing and receiving grace should make us dispensers of grace. When we remember how much we need grace (just as much at the most heinous of criminals), we are moved to become grace givers. When we withhold grace, it it because we have forgotten our need of grace. How are…

Ch 6 – La grâce de la liberté

La grâce incroyable – Ch 6 – La grâce de la liberté. Amazing Grace – Pt 6 – Freedom Grace – David McCann. When we really receive God’s grace it not only frees us from the Law, but from the very power of sin. Grace will set you free! Grace is our “Emancipation Proclamation”. Come and discover this for yourself.

Ch 5 – Grâce maintenu

La grâce incroyable – Ch 5 – Grâce maintenu – David McCann Amazing Grace – Pt 5 – Grace Maintained – David McCann. For most of us, much of our Christian lives have been lived by trying to follow all of the appropriate rules. What if GRACE really did promise freedom from being “under the law”? A real understanding of grace will bring us freedom as it should be experienced. Let grace set you free.

Ch 4 – Adoption de grâce

La grâce incroyable – Ch 4 – Adoption de grâce – David McCann. Amazing Grace – Part 4 – Grace Adoption. We often associate the Old Testament with LAW, and the New Testament with GRACE. This message will explore an Old Testament account which stands out as a lesson in GRACE. We will unpack some of the analogies of GRACE and encourage you to be sure that you have adopted them into your faith.

Ch 3 – Le grand roman

La grâce incroyable – Ch 3 – Le Grand Roman Amazing Grace – Pt 3 – The Great Romance – David McCann In Part 3 David looks at “The Great Romance”. The story of God’s Grace can be looked at as an unfolding story of passionate romance. Join us as we examine this great story which exemplifies God’s Grace toward you and me.

Ch 2 – Grâce Injuste

La grâce incroyable – Ch 2 – Grâce Injuste – David McCann. Amazing Grace – Pt 2 – Unfair Grace – David McCann. We all know our need of grace. No one is excluded. Why do we sometimes feel it’s unfair when someone else receives grace?

Ch 1 – Permettez-moi de vous présenter la grace incroyable

La grace incroyable – Ch 1 – Permettez-moi de vous présenter la grace incroyable – David McCann. We’re all heard about God’s grace, but over the years it’s been presented to us as “goofy grace”, “cheap grace”, “blind grace”, or some other unbiblical type of grace. This weekend we are going to re-introduce you to God’s “real” grace …. AMAZING GRACE!