Sermons on recovery

Shame Off You – Pt 3 – Overcoming Rejection

Shame OFF You – Pt 3 – Overcoming Rejection – David Hibbert. Rejection is something that many people struggle with, and it is greatly intertwined with shame, so that rejection causes shame, and shame causes rejection. And both result in fear. In this very important message, David Hibbert will look at how rejection grows, what rejection is, the causes of rejection, our responses to rejection, the consequences of rejection, how rejection is linked to the fear of man, and a…

Shame Off You – Pt 2 – Overcoming A Shame-Based Identity

Shame Off You! – Pt 2 – Overcoming The Shame-Based Identity – David Hibbert. Many people don’t just struggle with shame — they have actually developed a deep-seated Shame-Based Identity, which controls them and torments them day and night. Join us as David Hibbert shares more on shame and the Shamed-Based Identity, and on how to overcome it, and embrace our True Identity. Click here to download a copy of the teaching outline (PDF). Click here to download an audio…

Overcoming Disappointment

Overcoming Disappointment – Kathy Hibbert. What happens when the Christian Life isn’t what we thought it would be? What do we do, when we experience “dark valleys” in our lives? God has the answer, to turn every disappointment into a fresh encounter with Him. Join us this Sunday! Click here to download an outline for this teaching (PDF). Click here to download the audio version of this teaching (MP3).