Sermons on Single Messages

Hope Of All Nations

Hope Of All Nations – Debby Baril. Is there any hope? In this message we learn about the Hope of all Nations and how through His birth He showed that He is with us; through His death He demonstrated He is for us; and through His resurrection He made it possible to be in us, now making us carriers of hope.

God’s Hidden Pathways

God’s Hidden Pathways – Debby Baril. The Bible says God’s way is perfect; to us they are often hidden and mysterious. In this message discover how we can trust God’s hidden pathways of power and wisdom.

Kingdom Ambassadors

Kingdom Ambassadors – Debby Baril. Called by God as Kingdom Ambassadors, learn how we are sent in His Name, by His Spirit, and with His Word to represent Him with boldness and courage in this world.

The Unshakeable Kingdom

The Unshakeable Kingdom – Debby Baril. In a day when all things that can be shaken are being shaken, we are reminded that we belong to an unshakeable Kingdom. Learn about three important graces that help us stand firm when everything around seems to be falling apart.

Our Heavenly Shepherd

Our Heavenly Shepherd – Debby Baril. In a time of uncertainty, it is reassuring to know that we have a Heavenly Shepherd who cares for our souls. In this message we will join King David in making the declaration, “The Lord is my Shepherd” and a decision, “I shall not lack!”

Beware The Spirit Of Lawlessness

Beware The Spirit Of Lawlessness – David Hibbert. Join us as David Hibbert shares a very important and timely message, “Beware The Spirit Of Lawlessness”. Discover what it is, how it affects us, and how we may have been participating in it!

Welcoming The Season Of Cleansing

Welcoming The Season Of Cleansing – Sandy Hartigan. Whether we like it or not, everything of value needs to be cleansed on a regular basis in order to function properly — our house, our car, our clothes — and so much more. But what about us – God’s church – what God loves most of all? Ready or not, Church, its time to get honest with the Lord and welcome His inward cleansing and transformation, so that we can be a…

In The Present

In The Present – Kathy Hibbert. Join us as Kathy Hibbert shares a historic Christian discipline that moves us into the tangible presence of God where we can hear His voice and receive His grace and refreshing.

A Christian Response To Discrimination

A Christian Response to Discrimination – David Hibbert. Racism, favoritism, sectarianism, victimization, prejudism, judgementalism. How many ways have we learned to discriminate against each other? In this very honest and compassionate message, Pastor David Hibbert looks at the issue of discrimination, and shares with us a Biblically based response and strategy for the church, and for every Christian.

Have You Been Forgiven Much?

Have You Been Forgiven Much? – Sandy Hartigan. Have you been forgiven much? Does it depend on God or does it depend on you? We are going to look deeper into the terms of receiving and believing for forgiveness. The power of the cross and resurrection was God’s redeeming act of love — freely given. The world did not have to do anything in order for this to happen. God choose to, because His love for His creation is stronger than…